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 Secure Matters

Organisations must do more to...

The ICO says that organisations must do more to combat the growing threat of cyber attacks

‘Organisations must do more to combat the growing threat of cyber attacks’ says the UK’s data protection regulator, the ICO. They go on to say ‘…we will take action, including fines, against organisations that are...

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The Importance of Managing...

Unreturned Police ID Card causes Concern for Lone Female Motorist

At first glance this news might not seem like its about information security, but it absolutely is. 

A 2 minute job could have prevented distress for someone and reputational damage for two police services.

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Unveiling Shadow IT

The Risks Posed by Shadow IT and Strategies for its Removal

In today’s workplace, technology serves as the backbone of operations, enabling efficiency, collaboration, and innovation. However, lurking in the shadows of organisational infrastructure lies a phenomenon known as Shadow IT.

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Password Manager or SSO?

Which is Better for your Organisation?

Maintaining the integrity of authentication and access control to your information assets is one of the most important aspects of information security. Yet it’s also one of the weakest links in the information security chain. A couple of...

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