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Cordant Group PLC

Creating a mobile workforce

Creating a mobile workforce

Secure Matters was approached by Cordant Group PLC to help them transform their IT and telecoms so their workforce could work flexibly and remotely.  At the time their IT and telecoms effectively tied their workforce to their desk in most cases and they wanted their staff to have more flexibility.

Working alongside other suppliers, Secure Matters transformed their IT systems to enable a transformation in the way staff were able to work.  By introducing cloud based IT and updating policies and procedures, staff could work in the office, at home, or on client sites.  As well as advising broadly on all IT and telecoms we managed the:

  • migration of their email from an onsite managed system to a cloud based system,
  • migration of their office productivity software and documents from an onsite managed system to a cloud based system,
  • procurement and introduction of a new wide area network for offices and sites based across the UK.  A range of connectivity was used, including the need for redundant fibre connections in some offices, all the way through to using mobile connectivity on some client sites.

Where needed this included organising training for staff and the rewriting of policies and procedures for, amongst other things, ensuring that the new ways of working still complied with data protection law.