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All organisations need to implement change. Managing the introduction of change efficiently is important as it helps to make sure that change is successful. Like many other organisations, we've found that using a structured methodology helps to embed change.  Broadly speaking, projects (whatever method you use) will need to go through four stages to make sure the change is successful:

You need to define the change you want to make. What will be different about the organisation once the change has been made.  How will you know that the organisation is different and that the change has been successful.

Once you've defined what you need, you'll need to design a solution, or a way of making the change. As part of this process you'll need to understand what's happening currently so you have a starting point from which to plan the change.

You'll need to deliver the solution. If you've defined and designed what you need to do that'll help this part of the process enormously.

When you've completed delivery you need to develop your understanding of how well the process of introducing and embedding the change has been. Then you can work out if there's anything that can be done to improve next time. This is an important part of any change but one that is quite often omitted.

Change management

Managing change effectively, so it persists after the change initiative can be difficult. In a lot of cases you'll be changing the culture of an organisation to a greater or lesser degree.

With experience of managing change initiatives across the private, public, and third sectors, for SMEs and huge organisations we understand what it takes to introduce changes to all types of organisations.

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Fractional CIO

A fractional CIO can provide the strategic technology leadership and guidance necessary to leverage IT for your organisation's success, without the full-time commitment and expense of an in-house CIO. Careful selection of a fractional CIO who aligns with your organisation's goals and values will maximise the benefits they can bring.

This service is typically provided on a retained basis; this can be anything from a few hours a quarter depending on the scope of the service you need. We can also work with customers on a project basis, for example, helping organisations to put together a strategic plan for IT at their organisation.

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Information Security Management Systems

We can help your organisation to make sure it has systems in place to manage the security of information. We can provide assistance all the way to preparing your organisation for certification to ISO27001, the gold standard in information security management systems.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch.

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Programme and project leadership

We've managed all sorts of projects, from defining and implementing new technology services, to defining and implementing new healthcare services.

We've introduced new programme offices with multi million pound annual budgets to large organisations and helped SMEs to formalise the way they manage projects.

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Technology management

We have decades of experience procuring and managing technology and information systems.

We've managed technology changes for startups, for PLCs and all sizes in between. We'll get to understand what you need and work with you to implement the right solution.

Local, national, or global, We've had experience in all these situations. We've setup brand new systems, upgraded and migrated systems.

We can provide interim or part time management for your IT team, or manage suppliers on your behalf. We understand how to setup contracts with suppliers for IT services and how to translate your requirements into a contract that works for you.

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Project office setup

You may have got to a point when you need a more formal project structure we can help you implement a project office. This might be very small with one person responsible for keeping track of change or it might be a bigger office with a team managing projects for the whole organisation.

From experience we know that introducing a more formal method or setting up a programme or project office takes time. Having done this a few times at different organisations we understand how to introduce it and make sure it sticks.

We know what the benefits are of doing this and that they can greatly improve the results of change.

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Business Management Systems

Alongside helping organisations to change and improve the way they work, we can also introduce and support a business management system. Our system is extremely flexible and can adapt to support new ways of working, rather than what happens in a lot of cases when the organisation has to bend their processes to fit the software.

This is very important as the adoption of new ways of working needs to be as easy as possible.

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