New Pricing Tier for CipherSent

From 1st September 2016 a new pricing tier has been introduced to CipherSent.  Organisations can now deliver files for as little as £0.25.

CipherSent, from Secure Matters, is a secure service for the delivery of documents online.  This new pricing will help more organisations keep data private by making it cheaper to send documents containing sensitive data online, rather than through the post.

For less than the cost of a stamp organisations can now easily send documents securely online all the time.  Often organisations will revert to printing and posting correspondence containing sensitive data because email isn’t considered to be secure enough.  As well as benefiting from the secure delivery of correspondence we believe organisations will benefit from efficiency and cost savings.  It’s quicker to send correspondence with CipherSent than it is to print and post it, and with this new price it’s cheaper than posting it.

This new pricing lets organisations send files up to 20MB in size. That’s up to 100 A4 pages of mixed text and graphics, or 7,000 A4 pages of text.  Transfers larger than 20MB will be charged at the next tier in your subscription plan.

Some of the standard features of CipherSent include: files are always encrypted, delivery is measured in seconds rather than days, delivery to the addressee is guaranteed, and there’s proof of delivery for every transfer.  In summary, delivery is secure, simple, and quick.

Existing customers using CipherSent will automatically have this new pricing added to their plans.