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 Secure Matters

Primary Care Sheffield



When Primary Care Sheffield needed to move their head office, they asked us to make sure their IT and telecoms were transferred for them.

We managed the project, which included:

  • procuring new connections to the Health and Social Care Network and the internet,
  • procuring and managing the installation of a new telephone system,
  • installing a managed wifi network at the new location,
  • managing the installation of a managed local area network and firewall,
  • ensuring that all of their existing computers, printers, and other IT peripherals were transferred and worked when they move to the new office.

The project was complicated by the need to install a new fibre connection to the 6th floor of a building which still has asbestos and getting other tenants to grant access to install the connection.

The project concluded successfully with all staff moved on time with no unplanned interruption to their IT or telecoms.