ICO Updates Encryption Guidance

Earlier this year (2016) the UK’s independent body for data protection (The Information Commissioner’s Office) updated its guidance for the encryption of personal data.  In its announcement it states, “The ICO takes the view that regulatory action may follow in cases where a lack of encryption has led to a loss of data. A significant number of the monetary penalties we have issued since 2010 relate to the failure to use encryption correctly as a technical security measure. Where data is not appropriately secured, loss, theft or inappropriate access is much more likely to occur.

CipherSent can help you make sure that data isn’t lost when it’s being transferred.  By keeping the process of encrypting and transferring files simple and quick people have no excuse not to encrypt data when it’s being transferred.  The ICO has formed the opinion that there’s no reason why organisations can’t encrypt their data at rest and in transit.  You can make sure your organisation is transferring data securely by using CipherSent.