Transfer Files Securely with CipherSent

Save time and money and protect your organisation’s reputation.  For less than the cost of posting documents you can transfer files securely, quickly, and simply online.

Whether it’s sensitive personal data or sensitive business data CipherSent encrypts your files and keeps them secure until the recipient downloads them.  With built in administration features you can easily control who has access, monitor what’s being sent, and who’s receiving the files.

CipherSent encrypts your files and generates a strong one time password.  It then automatically sends the password to your recipient by SMS and a link to the file by email.  It provides a comprehensive audit log of all events so you can comply with any regulatory requirements.  From letters to CCTV footage CipherSent ensures files are always secure from the moment you sign in.

Sending files is simple.  There’s no software to install.  Just login, upload the files and then enter the recipient’s email address and phone number.  You can send one file or many, and you can send them to one person or lots of people.

Receiving files is just as easy.  There’s no software to install, the recipient doesn’t have to pay, and they don’t have to signup to use the service.  They click on the link in the email they receive and then enter their email address and the password they’ve been sent.  Once authenticated they download the files which are automatically decrypted for them.

CipherSent saves you time and money, and protects your organisation’s reputation.