Message people securely with Zemaphore

While email has revolutionised the way we communicate sometimes you need to be absolutely sure of the authenticity of the message and reply.  You need to be certain that the message has been sent by the person it appears to come from.  You also need to know that the message itself hasn’t been altered in transit.

There are many scenarios where this is needed, for example:

  • A lawyer communicating confidential case notes to a client.
  • A healthcare professional providing sensitive test results to a patient.
  • A financial adviser confirming an instruction to sell shares from a client.

Using a secure messaging service means that a trusted audit log can be generated to help you with regulatory compliance.

It also needs to be simple to use for the person receiving the message.  With nothing to install, and no payment to be made, recipients can quickly and easily read and respond to your message from their phone, tablet, or computer.

Zemaphore, secure messaging you can trust.